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Our Vision
The TopTek aims to achieve the most profitable from global economic growth while meantime conserving energy and protecting natural resources.

Our Objective

Our objective is to strengthen , promote and advance advanced ceramics application awareness in the area of advanced technical ceramics. We conduct business according to a set of clearly defined management principles, which we review on an annual basis.

Management Policy

As our management philosophy “To realize a more affluent life through the manufacturing of products that satisfy customers' needs” shows, respective employees of Toptek try to satisfy our customers through the manufacturing of products, and to meet the accuracy, delivery dates, and costs commitment.

We strive to develop, manufacture and market high-quality products in the most cost-effective, safe and eco-friendly way while conserving resources.

Commitment to HSE

We act with a strong commitment to safety, health and the environment. We comply with all applicable standards, laws and regulations in both manufacturing and procurement, and the efficient use and consumption of our energy resources.

We plan, develop, implement, monitor and continuously improve all of our processes. This applies to quality (target: zero errors), work safety, health, environmental protection, information security and energy management.

We set targets for profitability, quality, safety, health, environmental protection and information security. We are also committed to long-term reductions in energy consumption and increasing our energy efficiency through continuous process improvement (CPI). We make information and resources available to meet these targets and constantly measure our level of success using key metrics to foster the growth of our business.

Personnel Policy

Having capable and responsible employees is important to us! We train our employees in ongoing courses focused on quality, work safety, health, environmental protection, information security and energy efficiency. We recognize the success of our employees and encourage them to excel. Every employee is responsible for doing his or her part to meet our quality, work safety, health, environmental protection, information security and resource conservation targets.

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